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Here is an application-Kharafi, which has spread like wildfire to get professional pictures and videos!

On course Android phones find virtual applications to be with the main system and including a camera application as and in most phones is the application of a classic camera and is perfectly suitable for lovers of photography who need the advanced features on their phones in order to arrive at the pictures professional sense of the word using the ... Read More »

Search engine Google is celebrating the 18th anniversary of the establishment

Find celebrated “Google” the 18th anniversary of its creation engine, where he saw the light for the first time in such a the 27 of September day of the year 1998 to help Web surfers to answer their questions different. On this day, it has passed 18 years of age complete the establishment of American graduates of the University “Stanford” ... Read More »

Last leaking information about Samsung’s new Galaxy phone C9

It revealed new information leaked about the new phone Samsung “Galaxy C9” on the set of this phone which is expected to reveal the South Korean company soon, and perhaps the most important Almsthaddat this information with respect to a capacity of RAM and up to 6 GB memory. And sources indicate that the exterior design of the phone Galaxy ... Read More »

How are shipped fully your mobile phone in only 10 seconds ?!

Often we do not have enough time to charge our phones, because of that we need to go outside the home, especially long travel times that you need to have your phone at maximum capacity until sufficient length of time. Try it some way you said it shipped phone is fully in 10 seconds, using its charger and use aluminum ... Read More »

Facebook founder: I have not seen nothing yet … Vakadm bigger and greater .. !!

“Only 1% of our trip have not done” .. was the most prominent phrase in a speech founder of “Facebook” social networking by announcing the company’s results for the first of 2016 for the half, which shattered all expectations, even the most optimistic of them, after the company posted a profit exceeded 3.5 billion dollars, an increase of 189% over ... Read More »

8 essential tips to protect the router from hackers

Maintain the speed of the browser for you and protect your computer from hackers, you have secure wireless internet network to have “router”, through 8 steps provided by Sameh Salah engineer Kmpiotrtaraf them: 1. open a browser and connect Balroter set the IP Address Gateway “in place of the link browser It is a numbers are captured by the operating ... Read More »

Is psoriasis contagious?

Those who do not know what psoriasis Valsdwih are a type of skin diseases that appear in the form of a kind of irritation and it silver peel symbolize the dead skin, causing a kind of strong and persistent itching, in spite of the rapid spread of this disease in the human body, but the questions raised in a large ... Read More »

Farewell to the needles .. “wafer chips” Insulin is the new solution for diabetes

Modern medical research revealed a new treatment for diabetes Aagny for painful insulin injections, and contributes to the control of glucose levels in the blood, and is written more than once the same injection rates. The new therapy is a wafer biscuit, and Balodq bar Weaver in the size of a postage stamp, almost contain insulin dose themselves that are ... Read More »

Place your tongue on your palate and breathe for 60 seconds .. You will not believe what will happen to your body!

It may seem a little strange, but there’s technology will help you to breathe certainly deal with cases of insomnia. For example, touching the roof of the mouth and tongue breathing will help you to sleep quickly and improve your health in general. If you suffer from insomnia, this trick will help you sleep. It does not take any special ... Read More »

Here are seven important tips to avoid high blood pressure

High blood pressure, or “silent killer” as they call it, is one of the worst health problems in the world, because of the high number of infected cases in the words of the experts. And cause high blood pressure, which sometimes comes from stress, lack of exercise, as well as heredity factor in many serious as problems of the arteries ... Read More »