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“Whipped frogs and urine of pregnant horses” effective ..alajat amazing but revolting !!

Despite the great advances in the field of medicine and health care, but many of the traditions of ancient folk customs under the name of “alternative medicine” is still rooted strongly in some cultures, as those people keep on medication treatments Medical curious and others repulsive to the maximum extent , how some modern medical treatments that use similar techniques ... Read More »

Pictures .. I thought it was a child because his campaign her arms … and discovered that, adult married man!

Michelle suffered moon Her brand “Tycoon” for clothing, for the embarrassing situation in front of more than three thousand people, having embraced the people of his features seem that a child no more than six years old, to reveal in the end he is married. According to the newspaper “Daily Mail” published by the British I discovered the moon that ... Read More »

This Is What Happens In Your Body When Your Ear Itches

#1 We All Know The Feeling There are several reasons for ear itching, so let’s take a look at some of them. #2 Allergies An itchy ear may suggest that you’re allergic to something you’re using. It could be the shampoo or conditioner. #3 NO To Cotton Buds If wax is causing the itching, you will probably push it further ... Read More »

Puzzle (village Kalache) village where half the population decided to flee because of the curse of sleep that they suffer!

Something strange is actually happening to the people of the village Kalache Kazakh! Every day a variety of sleeping villagers suddenly and without warning. Slept for two hours, then they wake up and after cases remained dormant for days, and there is no obvious reason for this. In 2014 with the beginning of the school year, a large group of ... Read More »