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Video stunning .. twins talk at the same time without training!

You can not but similar fascination before the twin full similarity to the point it’s hard to differentiate between them, but what if this was accompanied by unison similarities in behavior and speech? He showed a video published by the British newspaper the Daily Mail, a video in which two women talking in perfect harmony twin show, and at the ... Read More »

Video frightening: almost snake smothers a young man directly on the air

I picked up the camera lens is very scary moment, when the snake wrapped around the neck of a young man to strangle him during the filming of an Australian TV program. In detail, Craig Freeman appears, from Birmingham, accompanied by a young and they try to put the snake in a bag insulator. However, they lost control of it, ... Read More »

His son was stabbed to death for his failure in the duty of school

Japanese killed his son, aged 12-year-old stabbed to death because of dissatisfaction with the reluctance of the child in his duty to the school in preparation for the exam to enter a private school. She explained, “Aichi” area in the city of Nagoya, central Japan, police, according to the channel (Arab) news Tuesday, that the child, named “Ryota” admitted to ... Read More »

Children celebrated the first anniversary of the planting his hands

American children lived in the age of nine, on Tuesday, to mark the passage of one full year on the conduct of the process for the cultivation of his hands, was a success. And it formed a transplant condemns the child Xeon Harvey Hospital in Philadelphia in the United States, a turning point in the field of medicine. The Xeon ... Read More »

Pictures .. You would not believe what doctors found in the stomach of the patient

Extract the doctors in the Indian city of 40 knife from the patient’s abdomen surgery. The patient went to the city of northwest India Omrica hospital complaining of severe pain in the stomach last week. The man swallowed knives over three months. The doctor said Jatiendr Mahoutra The patient did not tell doctors that Avadth, noting that “the tests showed ... Read More »

Surgeons Apetron sound leg of a woman by mistake instead of the sick infected leg !!

Revealed media Nmsoah for surgeons cut off the sound leg of a woman error in the ninety-year-old in the “San Johan ‘Hospital in central Austria. The patient suffers from the disease in the blood vessels because of the doctors decided to amputate her leg from under the hip. But during the operation, which took place last month, surgeons amputated sound ... Read More »

Case puzzled scientists: parents Wahsudan Arozkan daughter blonde

Wahsudan wounded parents residing in the United Kingdom very shocked at the birth of a child blonde mother has blue eyes, in the case of medical specialists baffled scientists in genetics. For a moment, Saort doubts father Ben Aahgboro on the sincerity of his wife, Angela, after the birth, Nmachi, which is the third child of the couple. He described ... Read More »

Shorter cow in the world «British»

It entered into a cow in Britain length of 80 centimeters, Guinness “Guinness book” Records to become the shortest cow in the world. The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) that the cow (Swallow) in Cheshire, which has a length of 80 cm is even shorter than most types of sheep. Swallow and aged 11 years and is currently pregnant and had ... Read More »

Andonisy cut off the penis grief on parting girlfriend

The young Indonesians to cut off his penis and thrown into a well after his girlfriend decided to marry someone else. According to press reports, the young man at the age of “19 years” of Cilacap district in Central Java province arrived in hospital last Thursday in critical condition due to severe bleeding but the medical staff was able to ... Read More »

A complete experience to break IPHONE 7 amazing result .. If you intend to buy Saw video

Soon to sell seven new iPhone began on Friday, even some panting to try it .. across destroy him! In detail, some bloggers from morbid bought technology news of the new iPhone 7 to try and find out how to resist the difficult circumstances, from bending and scratches other heat. To do these experiments, use bloggers are some of the ... Read More »